A quick scroll through social media reveals that African American content creators are being exploited.

Big brands and companies are quick to jump on trends started by African American content creators, but they are very slow to pay them for their work. This exploitation is modern day slavery, and it has to stop. 

Content creation is not a new phenomenon. For years, black creatives have been making content that is popular with mainstream audiences. From music to fashion to dance, black culture has always been at the forefront of trendsetting. But only recently have content creators been able to make a living off their work, thanks to platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

However, these platforms come with their own set of challenges. The algorithms favor those with the most followers and the most engagement, which makes it difficult for new creators to get their start. And even when they do find success, they are quickly exploited by big brands who want to cash in on their trend without fairly compensating them. This has to stop. African American content creators deserve better.

How Black Creators Are Exploited

There are a few ways that big brands exploit African American content creators. One way is by coming up with their own versions of popular trends started by Black creators. For example, many Black YouTubers have noticed that once a video starts trending and getting a lot of views, major brands will often come out with knockoff products or videos that try to capitalize on the trend without giving any credit—or compensation—to the original creator. 

This is not only morally wrong, it’s also illegal.

When someone creates something original, they automatically have what’s called “copyright protection.” This means that others cannot use their work without permission—and if they do, they can be sued. But far too often, big companies ignore copyright laws when it comes to Black creatives because they know they can get away with it. And even when Black content creators do try to enforce their copyright protections, they often face discrimination and exclusion from the very platforms that are supposed to be protecting them. 

Another way African American content creators are exploited is by being denied opportunities that their white counterparts are given.

For example, black YouTubers with comparable followings and engagement rates to white YouTubers are much less likely to be approached by major brands for sponsorships and endorsement deals. And when they are approached for these opportunities, they are often offered lower payouts than their white counterparts—even though they’re reaching just as many—if not more—people than the white influencers being offered more money for the same work. It’s clear that there is a double standard when it comes to how Black creatives are treated in the industry, and it needs to change. 

African American content creators have been making trends and setting standards in the entertainment industry for years.

But only recently have they been able to make a living off their work—and even then, they’re still being exploited like modern day slaves. Big brands and companies are quick to jump on trends started by Black creatives but don’t want to fairly compensate them for their work. This has to stop. African American content creators deserve better treatment—and compensation—for the valuable work they do.`

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