Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on Quality Assurance

As a startup, you’re always looking for ways to do more with less. 

You need to be lean and mean to survive in the cutthroat world of business. But when it comes to your software development process, skimping on quality assurance is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to software testing.

1. The Cost of Defects Is Higher Than You Think

It’s tempting to think that you don’t need to spend much time or money on testing because your software is relatively simple and there aren’t that many potential defects. But the cost of a single defect can be surprisingly high. A study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology found that the cost of fixing a defect increases exponentially as the software moves from development into production. In other words, it’s much cheaper to find and fix a defect early on than it is to wait until after the software has been released. 

2. YourUsers Will Thank You 

If you want your startup to succeed, you need happy users. And happy users come from using high-quality software that meets their needs. By ensuring that your software is thoroughly tested before it’s released, you can be confident that your users will have a positive experience with it. 

3. It’ll Save You Time and Money In the Long Run 

It might seem like testing takes longer and costs more money upfront, but in reality, it’ll save you time and money in the long run. That’s because the sooner you find defects, the easier they are to fix. Waiting until after your software has been released to find and fix defects will end up costing you much more time and money in the long run. 

“The time savings alone justifies taking a few extra days during pre-production for debugging,” says Mike Hughes, founder of long-time web development consultancy Fahrenheit Marketing. “It can save an incredible amount of rework later.” 

4. It’ll improve Your Chances of Success 

Let’s face it: most startups fail . But by taking the time to ensure that your software is of high quality, you’ll greatly improve your chances of success . Because at the end of the day, your startup’s success depends on delivering a product that meets your users’ needs—and quality assurance is essential to achieving that goal. 

As a startup, you can’t afford to skimp on quality assurance . The cost of defects is higher than you think, and happy users are essential to your success. Taking the time to thoroughly test your software before release will save you time and money in the long run, and it’ll improve your chances of success. So don’t cut corners when it comes to QA—your startup depends on it.

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