W3 Studio, a new venture studio based in Atlanta, Georgia, has announced its launch with the goal of supporting diverse founders in the blockchain space.

The non-profit organization, founded by venture capital executive Brian Zwerner, aims to change the face of blockchain by investing in hundreds of Black, Latinx, and Women startup founders at the earliest stage of company building.

Through a two-year program, accepted startup founders will receive grants of up to $200,000 and have access to vetted resources in marketing, finance, technology development, human resources, legal, and more.

W3 Studio is built around five key values: providing funding to build first products, building a strong support group for startup founders, bringing vetted vendors to startup founders, getting the word out about program participants, and supporting the next generation of startup founders.

“Just like other technology markets, the early winners in blockchain have been almost exclusively men, typically White and Asian.

We want to build a better future for the industry by supporting Black, Latinx, and Women startup leaders,” said Zwerner. “Access to friends and family capital is toughest for underrepresented startup founders, so W3 Studio will fill this gap with our grant program. Additionally, we will bring vetted resources and mentors to help these startups win.”

W3 Studio’s launch is well positioned to elevate Atlanta to a leadership role in the blockchain sector, alongside the work of the Atlanta Blockchain Center, which aims to cultivate entrepreneurship, inclusivity and education in the blockchain technology.

This city has many blockchain based organizations and events focused on the education of developers like Georgia Blockchain Coalition, which is a non-profit that exists to build a community of business minded individuals, to create a social and educational platform that advances Georgia as a whole. Additionally, Umba Daima, a blockchain collective and union DAO that works to promote technology use and understanding in communities of color is also based in Atlanta.

However, it’s worth noting that some of the larger tech companies in Atlanta, like Scientific Research Corporation, Unscrambl, Banyan Software and OutSystems, are falling behind in terms of having an effective blockchain business offering.

These companies should be supporting the blockchain innovation that’s happening in their backyard by financing these startups and organizations that are taking the risk of innovating to benefit the industry.

W3 Studio is also looking for corporate partners to help build a more equitable future for diverse founders. The organization is accepting grants and donations from corporations and individuals, which will be used to fund the launch of startups’ first products.

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