“Yo, what’s good fam? We’re here again, bringing you the latest in tech and media news. And let me tell you, we’ve got some major moves happening in the podcast game thanks to Urban One Inc. and Sounder.

Are you a Black podcast creator looking for ways to monetize your content?

Look no further! Urban One Inc., the largest African American owned and operated multi-media company, and Sounder, a contextual intelligence platform for audio, have announced a partnership to conduct groundbreaking research aimed at improving podcast ad technology for BIPOC audio content creators. 

Urban One and Sounder's Groundbreaking Partnership: A Game-Changer for Monetization of BIPOC Audio Content

This is a major step towards ensuring equal monetization opportunities for all creators and leveling the playing field in the industry. Keep reading to find out how this partnership will benefit you and other BIPOC audio content creators.

These two powerhouses have joined forces to conduct some groundbreaking research that’s gonna change the game for BIPOC audio content creators. They’re working to improve podcast ad technology so that all creators have equal opportunities to monetize their content.

You see, currently, brand safety technology for BIPOC audio content is limited, which makes it harder for advertisers to sponsor and support these creators. But Urban One, the largest African American owned and operated multi-media company, and Sounder, a contextual intelligence platform for audio, are teaming up to analyze a variety of content and figure out how to improve this technology.

They’re gonna use AI/ML models to create new solutions that will allow advertisers to sponsor BIPOC audio content with more confidence and at a higher rate. And let’s be real, with the way Black audiences are becoming more engaged in podcasting, this is long overdue.

Josh Rahmani, CRO of Urban One’s Audio Division, said it best: “Through this work we hope to bring awareness of Black culture and its nuances to the industry at large and support an ecosystem of the diverse voices that drive mainstream culture.”

And Kal Amin, co-founder and CEO of Sounder added, “Our mission to transform audio insights includes redefining the brand safety status quo with contextual intelligence tools to support diverse creators.”

So, in short, this partnership is all about leveling the playing field for BIPOC audio content creators. And we’re here for it. Keep an eye out for the results of this research, because it’s gonna shake things up in the industry. Peace.”

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